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ABOVE, LEFT TO RIGHT: A flamepoint, a blue colorpoint, and a chocolate bicolor

A dog in a cat suit. What a concept!

When I first met my first Ragdoll over 25 years ago, I fell in love. Unlike most cats who accept affection on their own terms, the Ragdoll typically seeks constant human companionship, grows very attached to its owners, and is the consummate lap cat. Their easygoing, gentle, super-friendly personalities are indeed closer to a dog's, making show-quality Ragdolls easily adaptable to the fast-paced world of cat shows, and pet-quality Ragdolls easily adaptable to homes with children and multiple pets.

Alexandra, a lilac mitted lynxpoint
Alexandra, a lilac mitted lynxpoint

This sweetness of temperament is what sets the Ragdoll breed apart, and Hallmark Ragdolls breeds especially for this trait using the best representatives of the breed. I focus equally on breeding for excellent health and the appearance which exemplifies the breed: large size; deep, brilliant blue eyes; broad, full faces; solid bone structure; and perfection in markings. I love all patterns and colors, so I breed many of them.

Jolla, a blue bicolor
Jolla, a blue bicolor

The welfare of my kittens and cats is paramount. My beloved breeding cats are given lots of rest time between litters to maintain their optimum health, and each kitten is raised underfoot with much love and attention and is allowed to leave its mother only after it has learned critical social skills.

If you are one of the fortunate caring people who have become "owned" by one of my Ragdolls, you will be echoing what I have heard time and again—that this is the most wonderful, terrific, beautiful, incredible companion animal in the world. If you're not yet "owned", peruse this site using the Table Of Contents up at the left to learn more. I'd be pleased to include you among my many happy customers.

3 Seal Colorpoint Kittens

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